I love you!!!!

I’m not supposed to want you;
I’m not supposed to care,
And yet spend my time dreaming
Of all that we could share.
I’m not supposed to think about you
Or wonder where you’ve been
But no matter how I fight it,
Thoughts of you sneak in.
I’m not supposed to ponder
Where you are each night
But you creep into my vision
When the stars shine bright.
I’m not supposed to yearn so,
Always wishing you were here,
But I hunger for your kisses,
And I long to draw you near.
I’m not supposed to imagine
Where you are and what you do.
I know I shouldn’t cater
To a single thought of you.
I’m not supposed to need you.
I know these things I do.
And yet I can’t help myself,
Because I fell in love with you……


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