Who am I???


Who am I, you ask??
I’m made from all the people I’ve met,known and encountered…
And all the things that I’ve experienced and felt.
The moments, the memories,
all so entangled in my brain.
Inside me….
I hold the laughter of my friends,
The arguments with my parents and loved ones,
The bickering of siblings.
The chattering of young children,
And the warmth from kind strangers.
Of things unknown just happening in the blink of my eye.
Inside there are stitchings and wounds from broken hearts,
Bitter words from heated arguments,
Music that seems to get me through,
And moments of joy holding me high,
And emotions that I cannot and will never convey….
So deep yet so shallow at times.
So misunderstood yet so understood at times.
That is what I am made of, And that is who I am!!!!


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