The longing

She had sent the message a few hours ago……why was it that her heart was pounding…..pounding so hard that she felt like it would just come out from her mouth. What was all the anxiety for? Just to hear from him?? But why? What did he even mean to her…..or did she even mean anything to him. Anahita was stuck once again in the whirlwind of her thoughts and her emotions were just reeling high. Would this day also be like any other day when she would spend an anxious evening just waiting……waiting for something that may not be. Her mixed thoughts were like reels of colourful threads blacks, whites, greys, reds and even some greens. All these threads seemed to be weaving patterns in her brain. Patterns of a big blanket which would envelope her completely. Envelope her with a myriad of mixed emotions. She felt a silent tear roll down her cheek and she didn’t bother to brush it away. A sigh just escaped her heart….her eyes went to the clock again. She just. Wished that the time would stand still…..but it just kept ticking on.
And then suddenly she heard the familiar tinkle……her heart skipped a beat…..a smile escaped her lips…..she read it quickly….
alas it just wasn’t meant to be.


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