the woes of an Airplane Traveller

  Returning to india after many years has opened my eyes about the new cheap and easy mode of travel……Airplanes. Airports no longer seem to be places only frequented by people who can afford it all. They are rather more like a gathering of the masses. Very frankly speaking I did not find much difference […]

What is wrong?

I am good for a while, I’ll talk more,laugh more,Sleep and eat normally, But then something happens like a switch turns off somewhere, And all I am left with is the darkness of my mind, But each time it seems like I sink deeper and deeper And I am scared…… Terrified that one day I […]


She said she was okay, and you believed her, Let me tell you what’s really wrong with her, She’s tired, that’s exactly what she is, tired, She’s tired of getting hurt, She’s of being let down, She’s of all the lies, She’s of holding it all in, She’s tired of feeling broken,damaged,worthless,never good enough She’s […]

The woman on the bus.

The bus stopped,suddenly waking me up from my quick snooze. As usual the morning travellers got on. Right at the back there she was,holding tight the finger of her precious child. She came and sat on the empty spot across from me. I smiled at her, she just looked and didn’t return my smile. I […]

The longing

She had sent the message a few hours ago……why was it that her heart was pounding…..pounding so hard that she felt like it would just come out from her mouth. What was all the anxiety for? Just to hear from him?? But why? What did he even mean to her…..or did she even mean anything […]

The loss of a mother……second time over.

No…..she wasn’t my mother. I probably don’t even have a appropriate and befitting name for her. Was she my friend, my buddy, my confidante, my soulmate,my mother, my aunt?? She was my mothers younger sister who I had always called Mausi…..a loving word in Hindi that literally means like a mother. Me and Meena Mausi […]

The blanket

The blanket…….the blanket so warm Snug toes…..a dreamless sleep A strong wind pushed it away The cruel strong wind Now the sleep comes no more The toes are cold and bare A feeling so insecure……….